mobilis immobilis - Multimedia creative process

Worried of sharing and of exchanging its experiences with the various public, the Company proposes and organizes workshops, training courses on the various tackled issues in its shows in connection with the new technologies or choose in association with her partners: cities, local authorities, schools, companies, festivals... The company tries to encourage the meetings and the exchanges of know-how and skills, to register its digital practice in the cultural, social and educational territories in interdisciplinary propositions.

The company proposes a raising awareness to the dance and to the apprehension of an associated interactive device. Presentation and appropriation of various sensors connected to the movement. Writing of a project. Feasibility. Choice of the appropriate tools. Link between bottom and shape. Creation.Public presentation so wished.

Workshops " body and interactivity " for professional dancers or not, " dance and video ", " dance and sound interaction ","body-multimedia", " creation of interactive objects "…

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Already set up workshops:

Workshops of choreographic exploration in interactive devices:

Experiment of the space and the body within interactive multimedia devices which scrutinizes the gesture to produce visual and sound events. The methodology which we develop is based:
- on the discovery of the device
- the experiment of the creative possibilities
- the emergence of ideas and choreographic constructions by allowing each to express his envy, his choices.
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Creation of interactive objects:

Sensitization to the definition and the apprehension of an interactive work. Presentation and experiment of various sensors. Writing of the project. Feasibility. Link between bottom and shape. Creation. Public presentation..

Dance / multimedia in schools:

- «Dance and multimedia workshops with 3 classes of primary schools of Chaville, in partnership with the School inspectorate of the Hauts de Seine, the city and the Chaville Atrium, Le Labo des Fées /Fées d'Hiver -February to april 2011

- « Hip-hop dance and sound interaction » to the middle school Maubuisson @ Bessancourt ( 95 ) for an established group - class of 4eme in partnership with the General Council of Val-d'Oise and city of Bessancourt-May to June, 2009.

- «Dance & video » at the Cultural center of Enghien-les-Bains within the framework of the device " Dance at the school " with 2 classes of a primary school in partnership with the School inspectorate of the Valley of Oise -March to June, 2006.

- « Visual and gestural Theater » in the colleges of the department 92, in association with the cultural center Jean Arp of Clamart -February to March,2006.

- « Dance and real-time sound interaction » device for APAC classes within 4 primary classes @ Chaville-January to May, 2010.

Dance / theater in relation with the real-time interactive device (3D environment, video, sounds):

These meetings aim at favoring the presentation and the appropriation by a wide public of new tools of creation approached on the creations of the company. It 's a question of proposing a work of raising awareness, apprenticeship.
The Workshops allow the participants to experiment technologies and devices of experiment based on the improvisation-composition.
They propose in mount an adapted physical preparation: exercises of improvisation based on a physical work on the ground and in the space, elaborated from simple movements, appropriate to make discover an organic way of approaching the movement; exercises of preparation for the work with the interactive device (sensors placed in the space or on the body), a specific search at the level of the writing of the movement according to the modes of behavior and relations proposed by the device.

- « Dance and Plastic arts » to Micadanse-Paris for the attention of adults practising the dance - January, 2008.
- « Sensory Dance » " for public of Seniors @ Chaville-March, 2007.
- « Dance and visual interaction » to the Cultural center Mendès France of Poitiers with children of 4 years old- September, 2006.

- « Dance and interactivity » for teachers of the nursery and primary schools of the department 92- January, 2010, with the support of the School inspectorate.

- « Master's degree classes » within the academy of Chaville (ballet and contemporary dance in interaction with a real-time sound device) - January, 2010.

Workshops gesture and multimedia interactivity in favour of handicap

- Interactive Workshops/ gesture and movement in a multimedia device with a group of young autistics teenagers frequenting the IME(MEDICAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE) Of Ville d'Avray. With the partnership of the Atrium of Chaville,the IME of Ville d'Avray and the APEI 92(Parents Association of the unsuitable children)

The company participates in public meetings, also livens up conferences around reports between live performance and new media, in partnership with researchers, co-workers of its creations (ATI / Paris VIII university).