mobilis immobilis - Multimedia creative process

Mobilis-Immobilis gathers professionals of multiple horizons to combine their skills around innovative, experimental creations, integrating varied artistic and technical practices.

Adapt its offer to the desires of her customers (companies, communities, communication agencies) and can intervene in various stadiums in the event production.



Alive arts :
Customized shows  according to the needs of each.
Interactive shows, giants projections, multimedia scenographies, emphasized by the use of high technologies are some  of the aspects which can be implemented to compose your event.

Virtual realities :
- Motion capture: Make that the body becomes interactive thanks to sensors put on the bodies of the dancers or in the scenic space for a fusion between the choreography and the image
- Moving images: stage the artists and virtual beings for a dumping in a virtual and real world
- Simulation of the sound relief by the electro-acoustic, electronic, computing technics..
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- Night-scenography (dance and acrobatics) / Quinte&Sens Cie
> Interactive dance performance / VIP Room Paris for advertising agencies / Mobidium Cie

> Dance Performance  in an interactive installation / Digital lounge of la Maison populaire of Montreuil
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> Real time motion capture for the "The transcent body" exhibition /Paris :
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> Interactive dance performance/Lacroix  and Quinte&sens Cies
> Interactive dance performance / Meeting of Japanese directors of the League 95 / CDA of Enghien les Bains
> Participation in the scenography of the Paris National printing office inauguration/Mobidium and Blue Yeti Cies:
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> Interactive Dance night / Mediathèque of Chaville
> Dance and multimedia performance, surrealist evening ambulatory in tribute to Philippe Soupault/Mairie de Chaville-Mediathèque de Chaville
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Intervene at any stadium of conception or realization of the project:

- Integration of the universe of the show in a harmonious way
- Direction of concepts, creation of routes adapted in different public
- Balance of playful and educational poles, places of information and activity

Create a moving, fascinating artistic universe, thanks to the techniques of the theater, the dance, the circus, the image, the light, the special effects...

Interactive exhibitions

Multisensory exhibitions where the spectator activates himself the phenomena which he observes under all their dimensions.
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- interactive installation "Disorders" ("Confusions") 2008 - Digital technology lounge of the popular House of Montreuil and workshops within this one during the choreographic international meetings of Bagnolet ( 93 )
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> Interactive scenography for Vadim Vernay concert/Batofar-Paris 2009
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- Sensory interactive floor conceived for the  Chaville festival -City hall of Chaville ( 92 ).
This interactive installation allows to activate sequences of animation, to act above, according to  the movements to visit virtually the spaces of the city hall remained few or not open usually to the public, usually.
A Visit  with a turbulent and roguish character.

- Exhibition on Bordeaux 's Wines-Terminal of Bordeaux-September, 2000.
With the partnership of Designers' Màs agency.